YYC Burger Battles


In recent years, Calgary has become a big contender in Canada’s food and drink scene. With all its gastronomic excitement, it’s only natural that it spark a little friendly competition – and it’s even better if it’s in the name of a good cause!  Like other city wide festivals Calgary Poutine Week, YYC Pizza Week and YYC Hot Chocolate Fest, just to name a  few, YYC Burger Battle tests the culinary communities’ creativity and skills as they go head to head against each other competing for the top spot.

As a newcomer to the local food competition scene, YYC Burger Battle was created by a group of, you guessed it, burger lovers who were on the hunt for the most epic burger in Calgary. From May 26th to June 4th, Calgarians will be out and about trying the latest and greatest burger variations from over 50 local restaurants, and we’ll be right there with them. Here are some of the most unique burgers that we’re looking forward to trying.

Dairy Lane Cafe – Crunch Burg Supreme

You might now Dairy Lane Cafe for its awesome breakfasts and brunches, but underneath all the benedicts and omelettes they make a mean burger. They’ll be battling with a chorizo patty burger, topped with avocado, two types of cheese, chipotle and enchilada sauces and refried beans. Placed between two crispy corn tostadas and completely encased in a flour tortilla, this burger will satisfy all your crunch cravings.

Catch & the Oyster Bar – Korean BBQ Grilled Salmon Burger

Catch is a calgary favourite for seafood, so this burger will not disappoint. Putting their own spin on a classic, this burger is made with Korean barbeque glazed salmon and housemade kimchi aioli. Since its coming from Catch, you can be confident that it is sustainably caught, Oceanwise fish, making this a no brainer in the “must try during YYC Burger Battle” category. Get your fill of amazing food while doing good for the environment!

Blanco – Quesadilla Burger

Putting a spanish twist on the event, Blanco is serving their Burger Quesadilla style. Don’t expect to see typical cheese and chicken filling here though, this dish is full of quality ingredients like Brant Lake beef,  sun dried tomatoes and balsamic glazed mushroom ragu. Gluten free? Don’t worry about missing out on the fun, ask for a corn tortilla!

Burger 320 – The Warrior

When it comes to bang for your buck, Burger 320 is a no fail option no matter what time of the year. They’re keeping with the trend for the Burger Battle with their feature available for only $10. The Greek inspired meal features a lamb patty, brie, tzatziki, baby spinach, sweet onions house pickles atop 320’s zaatar flat bread. Rather than a cherry on top, you’ll find a stuffed feta jalapeño spear holding this package together.

Barcelona Tavern – The Dougie

If you’re on the hunt for the burger that will surprise you with every bite, look no further. Barcelona has exclusively used ingredients that are unusual and unsuspecting, but we think it will work. The Dougie starts with a short rib and braised pork belly on a housemade charcoal brioche sesame seed bun, topped with horseradish cheddar, roasted heirloom tomato guacamole, beetroot relish, beer battered leek rings & micro kale sprouts, finished with smoked tomato aioli. This is quite the combo of ingredients, and we’re excited to see how all the unique flavours work together.

Naina’s Kitchen – Canadian Sugar Rush

Known for their stuffed burgers, Naina’s Kitchen might be referred to as a seasoned pro when it comes to making a fantastic burger. They’re putting a sweet twist on their Burger Battle entry and serving it on a housemade, glazed donut. The Canadian Sugar Rush is features a classic stuffed patty, and for the beer lovers, has a special mayo made with Village Brewery’s Enigma Uncommon Amber Ale.

Jane Bond BBQ – Grill My Peach Burger

Taking a fruity turn, Jane Bond pairing their juicy grilled beef patty with succulent grilled peaches. Melty brie will tie the two flavours together, for a one of a kind burger. Don’t worry meat lovers, there’s also some extra pulled pork in it for you.

Thomsons Restaurant – HWC Oat Burger

Thomsons always wows with their menu, and they’re doing it again with this YYC Burger Battle entry. With delicious toppings like brie cheese, Westfalian ham, a fried egg, onion jam and chipotle aioli, this is a burger that’s dressed to impress. The beauty of this burger is that the patty is made with organic oats from Highwood Crossing, located just outside of Calgary in High River, so vegetarians can get in on the fun too, just ask for no ham!

Trolley 5 – Macky Mac & The Funky Bunch

Trolley 5 has brought the best of comfort foods all into one dish with the Macky Mac & The Funky Bunch. Besides a great name, this double burger also has deep fried mac & cheese, beef brisket and crispy onions. This might not be for the faint of heart, but it might have the power to cheer up even the grumpiest gus.

The Main Dish  – The Beyond Breakfast Burger

This burger is a foodie’s paradise with pumpkin seed pesto, maple aioli, crispy pancetta, bocconcini and arugula. A sunny side makes this extra delicious and mouth watering (and breakfast appropriate). Made with a ground turkey patty, this entry is protein packed and one of the leaner options in this year’s competition.

Get ready to roll your sleeves up and eat, Calgary. This is a burger fest you do not want to miss. Looking for more unique creations to sink you teeth into? Take a look at the full list of competitors on the official YYC Burger Battle page!


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