Long Weekends Call for Staycations

The go-to instinct for many Calgarians on May Long Weekend is to leave town. Be it a trip to B.C. or camping in Banff, most people just want a little escape. With many people making an exit from the city, this weekend is an ideal time to relax within the city limits. Here are the reasons why we think a staycation is the way to go this long weekend.

Rain or shine

May long weekend camping is all fun and games until you get rained out and have to spend the day huddled in a tent with the whole family trying to stay dry. The weather this time of year is completely uncertain, especially when you’re talking about Alberta; one day you’re relaxing in the summer sun, the next you’re shovelling the driveway. Try sticking around town this year and arm yourself with a cozy hotel room that you can go back to anytime. Even if your relaxing picnic by the river is cut short by snow, you’ll have a nearby safe haven that will keep you warm and dry. You’ll also have a handful of cool places to tuck into, like the Glenbow Museum or Studio Bell if you want some weekend excitement – no raincoat required.

Rush hour traffic not included

If there is one thing that can really put a damper on your long weekend vacation it’s doubling your travel time to get anywhere outside of Calgary. Who wants to spend precious time idling in the fast-lane on vacation when you could be reclining in the spa or enjoying a meal on a patio? This year, plan to start the Friday of May Long commute-free.

Get With The Times

The Calgary culinary and cocktail scene is something to be experienced and with new restaurants opening regularly there’s surely a new concept that you need to try. If you’ve been eyeing one of Calgary’s newest restaurants but haven’t been able to get a reservation, the long weekend and the lack of crowds means this is a perfect opportunity to try your luck with dining out. Not sure where to start? Here are some of our recommendations: Bridgette Bar, Untitled Champagne Lounge, and Ten Foot Henry.

See what you’ve been missing

Maybe you’ve lived in Calgary your whole life, but have you been to the top of the Calgary Tower and dined in the rotating restaurant, Sky 360? Seen a Calgary Philharmonic Show? Wandered down the historic Stephen Avenue? Sometimes we get so caught up with the everyday, that we forget how much there is to do in this beautiful city! Give yourself the chance to be a tourist in your hometown. Again, you’ll bypass the crowds on the long weekend, and with three full days, you’ll really have the time to immerse yourself in everything Calgary has to offer.

Take a breather

Some vacations are all about exploring and seeing as much as possible in one visit, other vacations are about total relaxation. If you’re certain you’ve already experienced every aspect of Calgary, take this long weekend to treat yourself to a completely stress-free staycation. At Hyatt’s Stillwater Spa you can pamper yourself with a luxurious facial or loosen up with a massage. Let someone else cook for you at Sandstone Lounge or Thomsons Restaurant. Some days you just want to lay around in a plush robe and live in your own world, and this is just the time to do that.

Stay warm, minimize travel pains, get in with the culinary scene, see the things you’ve been missing out on and give yourself a break! Is there really anything to not like about a staycation? Book the perfect weekend getaway today at Hyatt Regency Calgary and get ready for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.


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