8 Tips on Making a Greener Tomorrow

Many people know the Hyatt Regency Calgary for hospitality, but we are also proud to be a leader in sustainability within the hotel industry. In fact, the Hyatt has implemented a handful of helpful ways to reduce their carbon footprint, making us a winner at the City of Calgary’s Environmental Achievement Awards in 2016. With Earth Day just a few days away, we wanted to share some of our own tried and true tricks on being environmentally friendly. Here’s a few of the ways we can all work towards making tomorrow a little greener.

Bright ideas

By replacing the lightbulbs in public areas, conference rooms, corridors and restaurants with LED lightbulbs, the Hyatt is choosing the most efficient lighting for its building. LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting options (incandescent and fluorescent), they have longer lifespans and don’t contain any toxic elements. This change has helped reduce the Hyatt’s carbon footprint in Calgary by 50%.

Go with the flow

The installation of low-flow toilets throughout the hotel has helped the Hyatt Regency Calgary save a significant amount of water – 4,027,000 litres a year to be exact. That amounts to 40% less water consumption than before the change was made.

Get hungry for sustainability

Our restaurants have committed to exclusively using OceanWise seafood on their menus. Guests at Thomsons Restaurant and Catch & the Oyster Bar can enjoy delicious meal knowing that their food has been sourced 100% sustainably, ensuring the longevity of the species and protecting the ecology of our oceans.

Go for green power

Alberta wind is what powers our event spaces, fitness center, Stillwater spa, along with Catch & the Oyster Bar. Thanks to Bullfrog Power, Canada’s 100% green energy provider, the Calgary Hyatt, on average, conserves 564 Megawatt Hours annually, preventing the release of 447 tones of CO₂.

C is for compost

For several years, we’ve been working with HOP Compost, a local organization that manages organics disposal throughout the hotel. This has helped mitigate food and beverage waste from events and restaurants, while delivering organic compost to local farmers and gardeners. Depending on business levels, this program has the potential to divert 300MT of organic waste from landfills.

Eat local

The Hyatt believes in locally sourced, natural and sustainable food, which is why we’ve partnered with local Albertan farmers like Valbella Farm Gourmet Foods and Lambtastic Farms for meats; Highwood Crossing for grains; Sylvan Star for cheeses; and Hotchkiss Herbs & Produce for fresh garden produce. By going local, our restaurants are able to bring guests the freshest, healthiest foods while saving transportation emissions and supporting Alberta’s economy.

Green meetings

To encourage environmentally friendly practices within other companies the Hyatt Regency Calgary has also implemented Meet & Be Green. This program gives planners economic incentive to take on a number of eco-initiatives when they host meetings and events at the Hyatt.

Empower your employees

Some of our favourite green initiatives includes three employee-lead events to encourage the whole team to take on eco-friendly team building activities. By doing Earth Hour, City Pathway and River Cleanups, and an Electronics Recycling Drive, the hotel decreases the staff’s overall consumption while benefitting the community.

If you too are passionate about being green, then you should know the Hyatt Regency Calgary is happy to involve guests in making the hotel more environmentally friendly. By providing voluntary towel and sheet laundry programs, the Hyatt allows its guests to make informed decisions on how frequently their linens are washed throughout their stay, which allows us to save both water and electricity. Here’s to a greener tomorrow.

Happy Earth Day!




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