5 Things to do for St Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Friday this year, there’s no shortage of great activities going on around Calgary, so get ready to paint the town green! Undeniably, this can’t be done without a proper green beer to start, so come down to the Sandstone Lounge for our St. Paddy’s Day feature and make your way to some of these exciting events:

Check out the music scene in Calgary

Music has been a staple in Irish culture for centuries and often meant to pass stories on from one generation to the next. While you can learn a lot about a country’s history from its music, it’s also a great aid when it comes to amusement. From traditional Folk to Celtic Punk, there is something for everybody when it comes to the Irish music scene. Spend St. Patrick’s Day at the Ship & Anchor, where you can find 13 hours of straight live music, starting at noon. If Bluegrass and Folk aren’t to your liking, go for something more traditional at the Arts Commons where you’ll be able to see Cape Breton Fiddler Ashley Macisaac play with members of the Barra MacNeils.

Fill up on national classics

Beyond green beer, Irish cuisine is something to experience while in Calgary this weekend. The night before St. Patty’s, Big Rock and Heritage Park are working together to bring a unique 4-course Irish Fusion dinner to Gasoline Alley. To get a hearty start for all the St. Patrick’s day festivities, visit James Joyce on Stephen Avenue where the party starts at 10am and Irish dining options are in ready supply. In the evening Local 522 will be hosting an Irish inspired feast where you’ll be able to try a Traditional Dublin Coddle. Top it all off with a Guinness and Jameson Chocolate Cake.

Go for the Guinness

Every year on St. Patrick’s Day, about 13 million pints of Guinness are raised in cheer around the world. Share in a toast with the fun-loving and friendly people of Calgary on Stephen Avenue, which is filled with bars that are just steps from the Hyatt Regency Murrieta’s Bar & Grill, Bank & Baron Pub, The Unicorn, Local Public Eatery and Cactus Club, are just a few places nearby where pints of black gold will be available on tap all day long.

Get in the true Irish spirit

The word Whiskey actually originates from a Gaelic term meaning “the water of life”, which might give a bit of an idea as to how important the spirit is to Irish culture. Originally considered a medicine by the monks who invented it, Whiskey has come a long way to being a staple in any good liquor cabinet. Learn more about its history and future at the Irish
Whisky Master Class
at Willow Park Wines & Spirits. Your ticket also gets you into the All Things Irish Festival, where you’ll get the chance to try the finest Ireland has to offer, from beer & whiskey, to traditional fare.

Celebrate with Simons

If you just aren’t in the St. Patrick’s mood this year, Calgary still has something for you. With the grand opening of the long anticipated Simon’s in the Downtown Core, you have the perfect way to celebrate the day without all the St. Pat’s craziness. If the store colour (green, of course) doesn’t help you feel festive, at least you’ll have the perfect excuse to splurge on something in that shade.


There’s no better place than Calgary to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. For more ideas on how to spend the weekend, be sure to ask the hotel concierge how the Hyatt Team can help customize the perfect Irish outing.



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