Mouth-Watering Murrieta’s

An appetizing menu and warm service makes Murrieta’s Bar & Grill on Stephen Avenue much more than just a good local. This downtown restaurant charms with its inviting familiarity combined with a romantic setup of a modish cocktail bar brimming with happy imbibers and an upscale patio for those who wish to people-watch.

A modern vibe emanates inside this heritage style building, drawing a middle-age crowd who flock to fill the three separate entertaining areas. Named after the infamous gentleman bandit Joaquin Murrieta, the grill offers a large selection of seafood, steak, game and pasta ($24 – $42).

Murrieta’s West Coast inspired menu provides for appetites of all sizes. Appetizers like Lamb Meatball spiced with roasted tomato sauce sets diners up for an enjoyable meal, which may then include mains such as Murietta’s signature Brome Lake Duck Breast served with confit new potato and pomegranate syrup. Be sure to end your experience on a sweet note with the seasonal crème brulee or daily cheesecake.

Their extensive wine list compliments their theme with a strong focus on Pacific Rim wines.

While there are some dishes that don’t pack a huge flavour punch, the downtown eatery keeps busy because of the friendly service and vibrant location. Much of the flavours revolve around mouth-watering sauces, so precise and rewarding.

Overall a tasteful dining experience ideal for the downtown working professional. Murrieta’s is worth a visit, even if it’s just to try their signature Brome Lake Duck Breast alone – delicious!

Murrieta’s Bar & Grill

808 1 St SW, Stephen Ave

(403) 269-7707


– Jenna Johnstone




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