Nando’s Opens Newest Nest on 17th

I received an invitation for the opening of Nando’s on 17th Avenue. The restaurant sounded really familiar but I had never tried it, so my husband and I went along to taste some of their world famous spicy chicken.

While the entrance looked like any other ordinary restaurant, the line-up out front told otherwise. The inside looked very modern with a bit of a South African twist. After we sat down, a server started placing appetizers on our table. We had nuts, pita with hummus, sliders, fries and whole flamed chicken wings. Next came the main dish, we tried the famous flamed-grilled chicken (leg and thigh) with Peri Peri flavoring. We grabbed some of their Peri Peri garlic sauce, extra hot and medium hot sauce to compliment the current flavors. I enjoyed the garlic sauce the most. We definitely had a big chicken dinner.

Nando’s Restaurant is not only famous for its Portuguese Style flamed chicken (aka Peri Peri Chicken) but also for its Peri Peri Sauce that comes in difference flavors and levels of spicyness. I enjoyed my experience in Nando’s at 17th Avenue and can recommend it for families; they served kid’s meals which were labelled Nandinos.

Aileen Dacumos

Nando’s 17th Avenue

1029 17th Avenue SW





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