Dining in the Sky

Located 191 metres above the downtown core, the Calgary Tower offers the best view in the city and is a must-see on any visitor’s itinerary. So it comes as no surprise that Sky 360, the revolving restaurant located at the peak of the tower, it more than extraordinary.

I had been to the Calgary Tower observatory before and admired the view but it was a different experience while dining.

On the Sky 360 floor, a hostess will welcome you and walk you to your seat. Behind her, an entire restaurant revolves every half a second. My instant reaction – woow!. When I got to my seat, I saw all the sky scrapers, every one of them present and visible. After few minutes, I was astounded. The Majestic Rockies appeared. The view has never been so beautiful with the rays of the setting sun partially highlighting the stunning Rocky Mountains. I was amazed and reminded of how gorgeous Fall in Calgary is and how lucky I am to be in my seat, munching my enticing appetizers while admiring mother nature at its finest. My appetizer was a combination of Bruschetta, Beef Tartar and Clams – all of them were really delicious.

I had a Beef Striploin as my main dish. A very tender Alberta Beef with mashed potatoes, veggies and shrimps on the side. It is really tasty and it indeed satisfied my craving for steak that day. It took about an hour and a half to complete Sky 360’s full rotation. This gave me more than enough time to complete my dining experience.

It is a one of a kind experience especially for a first timer like me. I would definitely recommend Sky 360 restaurant to travelers, families, nature lovers or to anyone who likes to dine while enjoying a view. I will definitely go back and take my family, I have no doubt they will enjoy the experience too.


The elevator fee will be waived if you have plans of dining in the restaurant. If not, a fee of 18$ per adult has to be paid at the main entrance of the Tower. Dining reservation is recommended.

Sky 360 Restaurant is located at the top most of the Calgary Tower

101 9th Avenue SW Calgary




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