Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

I don’t specifically pick pizza places dining out but I may have found my place!

Fast Casual… Authentic Neapolitan Pizza… Fire Roasted…


This is how Famoso advertises their pizza: “From ‘00’ Caputo Flour and tomatoes imported straight from Italy combined with fresh ingredients to form a real beautiful pizza that is cooked at 900 F for 90 seconds!”

Yes 90 seconds! This gets you your pizza right away! So if you’re really hungry and can’t wait for a long time to get that mouth-watering pizza you’ve been waiting for dinner, this might your ideal restaurant!

My boyfriend and I ordered two different pizzas so both of us could taste two different flavours in one sitting. It was wonderful! We had Vesuvio: Soppressata (spicy salami) and cracked chili pepper, and Siciliana: Oven-roasted Italian sausage, Italian ham and baked prosciutto. I like when my pizza is spicy and a little bit tangy at the same time. I was delighted to taste both of these flavours in each pizza!

The Campania tomato sauce, which gives you that tangy taste from real fresh tomatoes, was absolutely delicious at first bite! The best thing was that I could fold each thin crust slice in the middle and eat it. And the cheese… Oh the mozzarella cheese! It was delightful to watch the cheese stretch away from the pizza bite after bite.

We went to Mackenzie Towne branch and I loved it there – The décor and ambience were comfortable and the staff were very nice! They have four different branches in Calgary, including Mission, Country Hills, and Westhills.

Untitled1If you visit, I hope you’ll enjoy it the way we did! I meant to take a picture of both the pizzas as soon as they were served, but I was too excited to eat and totally forgot. By the time I remembered, there was only one slice of each pizza left!

Click here to view their website, including menus and locations.

Have fun!


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