Cirque Du Soleil’s Kurios

Cirque du Soleil is back, bringing a brand new show to the Heart of the West! Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities is now showing at Stampede Park.


Compared to Cirque du Soleil’s 2013 production, Amaluna, Kurios draws on brand new themes as it transports its audience back to an age where steam engines, flying machines and electricity captured the imagination of inventors and tinkerers. Living up to the hype, Cirque never ceased to surprise with memorable acts and stunts throughout the performance. There was even one act that left me hanging “upside down” as I looked up in amazement!


My favourite part of the show was the contortion act where four women (or deep-sea creatures) acted as electric eels, bending their bodies to the limit atop a mechanical platform. Incredible athletes and performers, the women were able to capture the eerie way that the real sea creatures move around.


Cirque du Solei’s Kurios is now playing until May 24 and tickets range in price from $52 to $132. For ticket purchase, click here or ask your hotel concierge to assist you. This is one show that is definitely a must-see!

– Jeff


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