Kings Strut their Stuff at the Calgary Zoo

They’re back and ready for the walk of fame!

King Penguins are the second to the largest species of penguin next to the Emperor Penguin. They are around 3 ft tall and weigh 11 to 16 kg and can walk up to 30 km to get to open water. King Penguins have orange spots near their ears and neck.


During this time of the year, the Calgary Zoo’s King Penguins take the lime light by strutting their stuff around the grounds pathways for families to see. Seven penguins will walk around meeting and greeting with everyone between January 15 and March 8. The Penguins will be parading right in front of the Penguin Plunge Building and continue down the bridge where they will then circle back to their home. The names of the penguins that walk are: Diana, Grace, Hera, Arthur, Solomon, Tut and Caesar.

Note: the walk may be cancelled if the temperature drops to below -25 according to Calgary Zoo.


Aside from the walk, the Calgary Zoo offers Breakfast with the Penguins. After a delicious meal join zoo keepers for a private viewing of the penguins where you’ll get to see how they eat, dive and waddle (Adult’s are $45 and Children $29). 

It has been said that the famous King Penguin walk is one of a kind in Canada and something you and your family shouldn’t’ miss. Be sure to take your cameras as the penguins love posing for photos!



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