Winter is tranquil, and exciting in Banff National Park

Seeking somewhere to breathe mountain culture? Banff National Park is only an hour and a half west of Hyatt Regency Calgary (directions below).


In 1833, a thermal hot spring was discovered accidentally by three railway workers and after a number of years, it became Canada’s first national park in 1885.

The Town of Banff (within Banff National Park), is nestling in the Rockies Mountain where the climate is cool and dry in January with average highs of -5o C/23oF. Besides spending time on one of the most beautiful places in Canada, Banff is filled with wonderful restaurants, hotels and spas.


When the snow falls, nothing beats rejuvenation in a natural hot spring. After alpine skiing and snowboarding, riding on a dogsledding, ice tubing, or exploring snowshoeing trails, a soak in thermal waters at the renowned Banff Upper Hot Spring is the perfect way to de-thaw and relax.


Next experience an extraordinary bird’s view of the vast mountain range. The Banff Gondola is only a five minute drive from the town of Banff. During the ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain and looking down from above, you can see the town and mountains far below. At the peak you can also go a short hiking along the walkway. I have a fear of heights but the railings made me feel at ease, and the view is well worth the adrenaline rush.




Enjoy your winter vacation!


Directions to Banff from the Hyatt Regency Calgary:

  1. Exit the front drive and turn left onto Centre St
  2. Follow to the Calgary Tower on 9th Ave and turn left
  3. Continue for 2 blocks to Macleod Trail and turn left
  4. On 5th Ave turn right and follow over to Edmonton Trail heading north
  5. At 16th Ave North, turn left
  6. 16th Ave is Highway 1 and will take you straight to Banff



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