Climbing in the City: Calgary Climbing Centre

Looking to get on top of the world but can’t afford a trip to space? Well, the next best option is just minutes away from the hotel. A great adventure for those in town for business looking for a fun, outside the box workout should try the Calgary Climbing Centre. Maybe you’ve been tasked with planning date night and are sick of the same mundane dinner and movie, well climbing is a great way to push your outing to the next level while sharing smiles and laughter with your date.

Calgary Climbing Wall


During one of the first snow falls in Calgary, Matt and I were trying to think of something to do that was somewhat active and warm to  keep us occupied on a Friday night. We settled on Stronghold (part of the Calgary Climbing centre). The people at the gym were helpful from the moment we arrived. Being new to climbing I was impressed by how important safety is at the gym. Both Matt and I felt safe throughout the entire experience.

Calgary Climbing Wall


The Calgary Climbing wall has lots of options for newbie climbers as well as more advanced sections for regulars. We stuck to the beginner level climbs and ended up having a blast! The gym offers classes for beginners but you can also choose but for t hose who can’t confirm plans in advance you can do drop-in – no booking required.

Climb in Calgary 

Make sure you check out the Calgary Climbing Centre if you wish to feel the rush of climbing a mountain… without the travel time! Stronghold is conveniently located just 5 minutes from the Hyatt Regency Calgary (drive).



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