4 Best Appetizers on Calgary’s Stephen Avenue

Fuel is always needed to move man and machine. This week Nick and I decided to hit the streets after a long day at the office in hopes of finding the Best Appetizers on Calgary’s Stephen Avenue.

Divino Wine and Cheese Bistro – Butter Poached Lobster

We started off in a refined establishment, known for its soft music, amazing staff, and delicate creations. Don’t be fooled by the name, Divino serves seafood, unique dishes and a wine list to call home to mom about.


The Butter Poached Lobster was a perfect blend of seafood meets pasta, meets amazing. It’s a smaller dish at $20 for those who want to enjoy a nice glass of wine and an aperitif that is sure to make your taste buds smile, this is the one.

Bank and Baron – Sweet and Spicy Chili Chicken 

The Bank and Baron is a trendy spot located in an old bank, hence the name. It has a grand feeling with large chandeliers and the best host we met all night. We paired the Sweet and Spicy Chili Chicken with ToolShed beer. The dish was simple, tasty and had well priced at $15. It had nice large wontons, with coleslaw on top which was different. Overall the experience was made with the service from our waitress, Nicole!


Murrieta’s – Lamb Meatballs 

Murrieta’s is a beautiful restaurant with a live piano player during cocktail hour.  Everyone was delighted to offer their favourite appetizer on the menu but we ended up taking the bait from the bartender who recommended the Lamb Meatballs.

This dish was large and well-priced at just under $13.  The restaurant had a great vibe and one of the best bartenders we met during our quest. He was especially great when he took us on a quick tour where we viewed the patio. It’s a great place for a meeting or date with it’s amazing view of the 8th avenue strip.


Metropolitan Grill – Risotto Balls

What we found inside this great restaurant and lounge was the best appetizer on Stephen Avenue! First we were greeted by a really nice bartender named Zach who insisted we try the Risotto Balls. At under $14 this dish was large, topped with a mini salad and cheese. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It can be hard to explain why you love someone because there are so many reasons, Nick and I felt the same way about this dish. It had everything going for it.



To top the experience off Zach and the restaurant manager made us some creative and delicious cocktails that weren’t even on the menu. Overall they won our vote for the best appetizer on Stephen Avenue but also the most creative drink list as well!


We had a lot of fun going to 4 different places and trying some great food and drinks. One thing to note is that at all 4 places we had great food, tasty drinks and genuine service. This speaks volumes to our neighbours around the hotel, and we will be sure to be sending our guests to them soon.


-Kelvin and Nick


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