TELUS Spark: learn, touch, play and move in Calgary

My first Calgary outing.
As the new Front Office Manager at the Hyatt Regency Calgary, I felt it was key to check out some of the best attractions the city has to offer! Moving over from Vancouver, British Columbia only a few weeks ago I feel like a tourist in my own new city. Being a family man, I decided to take a trip to Telus Spark (science centre).
Hi I'm Kelvin the new Front Office Manager!

Hi, I’m Kelvin the new Front Office Manager!

Telus Spark is an amazing science museum just minutes from downtown Calgary. It has a number of different areas for kids and adults alike to learn, touch, play and move! It’s such a hands on place that most of the time I felt like the child as I was building things out of straws, learning how the wind plays an integral part in powering the city, even sliding down the adult friendly super slide which is over 60 feet tall!
PLaying at TELUS Spark

My daughter building a tower of shapes at TELUS Spark

This is a great place for the whole family to enjoy, and every second Thursday from 6-10pm, they open for adults only. With a more hip atmosphere, great bar, and a DJ ,it makes for a great date night, learning session or just something to do on a cold Winters day.
When it comes to grabbing something to eat, I really felt good value in the Cafe as items ranged from $2-$6 which is very reasonable considering the fact there is nowhere else on site to eat. The food was simple, tasty and left my daughter smiling with ketchup on her cheeks.
Finally the gift shop. This is a place I typically try not to enter as they are normally a mecca for over priced stuffed animals, mugs and t-shirts, but Telus Spark was different. Again I found the prices fair and items that everyone would enjoy. I personally loved the board games, books on space and also the t-shirt that read “make like an ATOM and split” I was fortunate enough to walk out without clearing my bank account.
Telus Spark Gift Shop
Another plus, is that you can get to TELUS Spark by c-train. If you’re visiting Calgary from out of town, and don’t have a car, you can get on the east-bound train and be there in 5 min.
I’m a big fan of rating systems, so I rate this attraction 4 of out 5 stars! The only thing missing was more intellectual information for the nerds such as myself.
Look forward to my next adventure which is coming soon – best appetizer on 8th Avenue! Stay tuned.
– Kelvin

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