Bee Report: August

It’s been a productive first month of summer for the Thomsons and Catch & the Oyster Bar hives. Both colonies have large, healthy brood nests and the hives are brimming with beautiful light golden honey. A.B.C has been keeping a close eye on these hives to make sure that there is enough room for all of that honey and will potentially add a 3rd box to each hive if more room is needed.

Hive Topbox

The appearance and taste of honey varies based on the flower that supplied the nectar and can change slightly from year to year depending on weather and other factors. Pure Dandelion honey, common in the spring, is typically a bright yellow colour, but can tend towards a slightly darker, amber hue. Clover and Alfalfa, the summer honeys, are much lighter in colour, sometimes appearing almost clear.

Capped Honey

Capped Honey


Most of the nectar collected by the Thosmons and Catch bees is sourced from Dandelion and Clover, so we can expect a honey that is light in colour and fairly delicate in flavour. The hive’s inner city location will put a slight spin on these classic honeys, reflecting the variety of flowering plants within the hive’s foraging range. Like a wine’s terrior, an urban hive’s honey is reflective of its specific location and no two hives will produce the exact same flavour. The taste of this distinctive honey is bound to inspire creativity in the chefs at Thomsons restaurant and Catch & the Oyster Bar. What a tasty treat for our lucky guests!




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