Pedal Calgary’s Scenic Pathways

For me personally, I enjoy riding my bike during the summer months in Calgary. On a hot day nothing beats a little natural air conditioning with a slight breeze through your hair. I enjoy pedaling down Stephen Ave checking out all the restaurants and usually stopping at the Metropolitan Grill to enjoy a quick pint. I’ll then scoot north to Eau Claire and Prince’s Island Park. Calgarians are blessed to have 300+ km pathway network through some of the most scenic areas and lively areas of the city.

If you’re a visitor looking to explore these paths and don’t feel like walking, we have two fantastic reasons for you to keep active and enjoy everything Calgary has to offer. Hyatt Regency Calgary has two new Norco XFR bikes perfect for a midday summer spin along the Bow River or cruise through the heart of the city.

Calgary Cycling
In part of staying fit at Hyatt we have a leisurely bike map to help guide you and keep track of how many effortless kilometers you rack up while enjoying the peaceful views of the City. See the Concierge desk for details or visit the City of Calgary’s website (here) for pathway and bikeway interactive maps.


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