Stampede Western Wear 101

Stampede Western Wear 101

It’s that time again! The Calgary Stampede is just around the corner celebrating the history and culture of the west from July 4 to 13.  How can you gear up into the western spirit, you ask?  There are 3 places in Stephen Avenue that sell high-quality western wear and will give you that awesome western look. Yee-Haa!!

Western Store & Calgary Shoe Hospital

bphoto 1

The Western Store & Calgary Shoe Hospital is just a 2 minute-walk away from the Hyatt Regency Calgary, on the right hand side of Stephen Avenue.  This unique shop sells a lot of leather material, from cowboy boots, leather jackets, belt buckles and more.  They will also custom fit your boots for the Stampede celebration!

Lammle’s Western Wear


Lammle’s Western Wear is one of the best stores to purchase great quality western wear.  They have a massive collection of cowboy boots, hats, and belt buckles.  Located 2 blocks away from the Hyatt Regency Calgary, Lammle’s Western Wear could be that one-stop shop for all of your western needs.

Riley & McCormick

bphoto 3

Established in 1901, Riley & McCormick has been one of the best places to purchase western wear since 1905; when Alberta was incorporated!  Since 1912, Riley & McCormick has been providing western clothing and accessories for the Calgary Stampede.  Located just right across from Lammle’s Western Wear, this store is one of the hotspot for a good quality western clothing.


– Jeff



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