London Barbers: Male Groomers

I have usually gone to a hair salon to have my hair cut and honestly I haven’t been to a traditional barber in a long time. Probably not since my Dad took me to get my hair cut when I was a kid. So when a friend highly recommended London Barbers I jumped at the chance to experience the traditional gentleman’s barber.

London Barbers Exterior

Located at 1108 4th Street SW

London Barber’s opened in 2010 and the shop caters to men who desire a classic men’s haircut or shave with the focus being on premium service. They specialize in hot and Turkish shaves and boast that they perform the best straight razor shave in Calgary. I have to agree !

What really impressed me with London barbers is that the approach is very simple. London Barbers provides a service to the everyday man whereby he can escape, relax and enjoy some    fitting male grooming services but without a high end salon price tag. London Barbers has restored some good old traditional values and quality service back to the male community. As I received a traditional haircut, hot towel straight razor shave and yes ear and nose waxing my barber David and I discussed how the traditional men’s barber shop and the services they provide were making a comeback.

London Barbers Interior

As I lay back eyes closed while David adeptly wielded the straight razor across my beard I thought to myself that a man’s sophistication comes from one’s desire and ability to look good, dress well and present yourself correctly to project that impression of style. It also provides you with that ‘feel good’ factor when you create the right impression. Whether you are going to a business meeting, a party, or even down to the gym, it is important you look the very best at all times in order to carry yourself properly. Someone close to me coined a phrase that I always remember “a well groomed man projects good self respect and a high self esteem”. At London Barbers, you will find all the right attributes and services that reflect this philosophy.

London Barbers Shave

Whether it’s getting a razor sharp hair cut, a facial treatment, a hot towel shave or purchasing some fine grooming products – you will be able to do this all in absolute style and in the  friendliest and approachable of environments. The entire team aim to give you a quality service where you can escape, relax and enjoy proper male grooming services at an affordable price. Visit their website at for a full list of services and hours of operation. You will not be disappointed in the way you look!

The after photo!

The after photo!


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