Spices for the Culinary-Minded Home Chef

The Silk Road Spice Merchant not only serves the neighbourhood of Inglewood and the city of Calgary but they serve all of Canada as well through online distribution.

Silk Road Spice Merchant Calgary

As I continue my quest to visit spice shops where ever I am, I discovered The Silk Road Spice Merchant located at 1403A 9th Ave. S.E. in the Inglewood.

Since 2008 Silk Road Spice has been a family business inspired by the senses, offering a huge assortment of hard-to-find herbs, spices, salts, teas, and other specialty ingredients. Not to be overlooked, the store houses an impressive array of hot sauces. In terms of quality this shop’s products are very well-priced and offer an excellent selection of Indian seasonings difficult to find anywhere else.

Calgary Spices

It is also great place to find the perfect gift for your culinary-minded home chef.

Spice shopping in Calgary to the nonchalant cook is but a mere trip to the closest grocery store. There you’ll find plastic resealable baggies of nutmeg and in minutes your sweet curry will be well underway. But for a more sensual experience, and quite often a better price, the Silk Road Spice Merchant is the place to go.

This shop sources exotic spices from all over the world. They encourage smelling to allow to you to make sure the spices meet with your culinary specifications. Then if you’re not sure friendly and knowledgeable staff members will surely have the answers.

Smell the spices!

It’s necessary to smell before you buy!

Inside you will find spices and herbs, peppercorns and salts, sugars and extracts, and several unique spice blends. But, perhaps, the most exciting to me was their incredible selection of mild to hot peppers.

From hard-to-find Chiltepin Chiles to Marash Chile Flakes, it is an impressive selection.

I picked up some ghost chile powder and habanero chile flakes and I am so anxious to try them out.

I picked up some ghost chile powder and habanero chile flakes and I am so anxious to try them out.


One thought on “Spices for the Culinary-Minded Home Chef

  1. KC says:

    what an interesting place to visit…would be like visiting the old curiosity shoppe….except with exotic smells instead of the smell of dust…great find!

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