Welcome to Inglewood

Inglewood was originally established in 1875 but today, the neighborhood is a shopping and arts district that is also home to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary; an urban wildlife refuge.

Matthew at the bridge leading into Inglewood

Matthew at the bridge leading into Inglewood

Inglewood promotes an arts and culture-filled locality with shops, boutiques and eateries attracting locals and tourists alike.

From antique stores to clothing boutiques, contemporary furniture shops to cutting-edge art galleries, one wander down 9 Ave. S.E. and you’ll soon see that the shopping potential is truly never-ending. This is not a trip to the mall!  Inglewood is home to hundreds of great shops with distinctive gift ideas, one-of-a-kind treasures and arguably the one of the greatest shopping experience in the city!

Like nowhere else in the city shop owners, local businesses and restaurateurs’ alike overwhelmingly support the community and each other by having established a soaring level of customer service and a unique friendliness that makes you smile.

You’ll find the freshest local food straight from the farms and fields of nearby suppliers, at eateries ranging from off-beat diners, funky coffee shops, to the top 60-ranked restaurant in the world? Do not expect an ordinary dining experience there are dozens of menus here to please your appetite.

Even Inglewood's green spaces are unique!

Even Inglewood’s green spaces are unique!

Inglewood has been labeled Calgary’s hub of live music venues. It’s also been called the one-stop shop for art fans, culture buffs, nightlife lovers and regular party-goers.

It is also home to the city’s best summer festivals like the Calgary International Fringe Festival and Inglewood Sun fest. There are intriguing event spaces for rent and vibrant places to visit, like the Calgary Folk Music Festival headquarters; Inglewood has more than just a little live music…

For the next few weeks I will be highlighting local businesses from this unique neighborhood, everything from art studios, consignment shops and great eateries. So be sure to check back each week and discover Inglewood for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Inglewood

  1. Nic Sharkey says:

    Beautiful neighbourhood. I work here in Inglewood and love driving down 9th Ave everyday. So many great stores and even better places to eat! I have a few photos on my blog from around the area…

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