FAB Things To Do: Canadian Vacation

Well hello everyone!!

I’m back, relaxed and looking forward to many exciting and FAB Events taking place this month.

As promised, I want to share a bit of my vacation with all of you. My vacation started with a dose of relaxation as I was pampered at Stillwater Spa. For an hour and a half I was captured in an intense treatment specially designed for dry, devitalized skin. The Enrich Body Treatment started with a gentle exfoliation, followed by a Moor Mud application and warm wrap. While my body soaked up the moisture and warmth of the wrap, my face and scalp were treated to a gentle massage. The treatment ended with a full body butter application. I walked (or should I say rolled) out of the spa feeling like a new replenished man! It was almost like a snake shedding skin. This has to be the best possible way to start a vacation – completely and utterly relaxed. From the moment I checked into the spa I felt as if I were a Prince being pampered for the evening ball.

Stillwater Spa also has this FAB new booking program to ensure even the busiest person is able to find treatment availability that fits their tight schedule. Please watch for daily posts through Facebook for next day spa openings. Seize the Day with an exhilarating spa experience! Like Stillwater Spa on Facebook

Now lets get to my vacation. For all of you who haven’t been to Eastern Canada it’s a must. Many of the places were hidden little gems that you wouldn’t find on your own. I flew to Ottawa with my Family and ventured through Quebec.

The colors were magical. I had never been East in the  Fall, so it was amazing to see our nations capital covered in rich reds, yellows and oranges.

Upon arrival we were whisked away to my sister and Dan’s beautiful home in Gatineau, Quebec. This is where the “Zen Time” began. We arrived to a rainy 13 degree Fall afternoon.  Something was cooking as the house was coated in smells of amazing flavors.

Well yes it’s Fall, and Thanksgiving would not be complete without having duck. WOW….. this dinner was so FAB I had 2 plates finished off in no time. I felt right at home with the family laughing and connecting in such an array of love. After dinner Mareta and Dan asked me to go to a friends wedding with them. The reception was held in a beautiful old cathedral. What fun – it was FAB. I blended right in on the dance floor where I met such wonderful individuals. One moment comes to mind of dancing away with my new found friend, Alex. We chuckled, flipped, spun and then started all over again – so much fun. The bride and groom looked so happy together surrounded by their loved ones. As our evening came to an end we exchanged cards and said our goodbyes.


“Wakey,  wakey eggs and bakey” was the morning theme. We cruised the Warehouse District of Ottawa to come upon this amazing bistro called Art-Is-In. Here we discovered my new favorite breakfast sandwich; it sure helps to have the locals opinion on best restaurants when visiting new places, thanks Mareta and Dan. Art-Is-In was packed with people sipping cappuccinos and visiting with family and friends. At the back of the bistro you could see gourmet bread loafs being baked and placed on shelves for sale, “Oh my, I’ll take 3!”. The owner  came over to greet us and started telling us about his impressive background as the former Prime Minister, Paul Martins personal Chef. You can say that we were in good hands. We exchanged cards and with many compliments from my family said farewell.

We were off once again, heading South to the cottage for another Thanksgiving dinner with Dan’s family. There’s something about country roads that evokes a sense of calming in me, perhaps it’s from growing up on a farm. There’s nothing like a country cruise were everywhere you look is something new and gorgeous. 


Dan’s family cabin. YYC Concierge travels in Canada

The next two days with Dan’s family were filled with crackling fires, board games and lots of laughter. While sitting on the porch one evening I heard a Loon, this was such an incredible moment as I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing one before. Dan’s family cottage was truly one of the best places to soak up RNR time.


After this wonderful time we headed south to Kingston and toured the beauty of Canada’s First Nations Capital. The history, from city hall to old architecture, was jaw dropping.

We took a tour of  Fort Henry and then headed to Thousand Islands. This particular area of the Country was just amazing.

Enjoying a glass of wine at Norman Hardy Winery. YYC Concierge travels in Canada.

We then made our way to wine country in Prince Edward County where we visited a number of FAB wineries. 

Harvest at the Apple Orchards. YYC Concierge travels in Canada.

Apple Orchids were in full harvest mode. You can smell the sweet apples as soon as you open the car door.

As I’m sure you can see from all my photos my vacation through Eastern Canada was tranquil. I can easily go on and on about this trip. It was one heck of a FAB experience and all the more memorable to have shared with my beautiful family!


This weekend I am taking my Concierge team Bobsledding and then attending a Fashion Show at 80th and IVY.

See you all next week.


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