FAB Places: Hyatt Regency Calgary Renovations

Happy mid-August everyone.  Can you believe the summer is almost over, and indeed what a summer is has been. In today’s post I wanted to catch you up to speed on all the amazing things happening at the hotel – does it ever look good. Over the past year we’ve been going through a steady stream of renovations. The areas that I oversee are the lobby and our beautiful Regency Club. The Regency Club is located on our exclusive 18th floor, high in the city sky-line.

The Regency Club at night. Hyatt Regency Calgary

It was only a few months after my transfer from the Vancouver Hyatt that our Regency Club went under massive renovations. The space was completely transformed into a cozy urban sitting room and open kitchen. Our vision was to give guests a space where they feel right at home, and we succeeded. One of my favorite features is our coffee machine which whips up anything from a creamy latte to a regular hot chocolate, with just one touch.
The colors in the Regency Club are warm and incredibly inviting. We regularly have guests that just come in to relax with a glass of wine and warm appetizers, all while enjoying the western view of downtown Calgary. This room is something that is a must see and well worth the upgrade on your next visit. My day is complete when a guest shares a smile, one that radiates complete happiness. You can expect to be met with the highest quality Concierge service from my staff and our sincerest wishes upon your departure “Welcome home and look forward to your return”.
The lobby renovation is one of the most recent which was completed just before the start of Stampede. We use to swim in a royal blue colour palate. Now our a radiant rust accompanies a beautiful glacier blue that is so FAB!! The custom carpet depicts that of the ground in autumn, covered in stunning alpine leafs. The decadent furniture is splashing with earthy tones that balances out the succulent colors that catch your eye upon entering. The new desks are set in granite that compliments the maple walls and sandstone in our historic surrounding. My favorite line from a guest while entering the front door was “Oh my this does not feel like a hotel but like a home”. You’re right, when you enter it is not your typical hotel persona but that of someones well cared for home. The artwork is magical and perfectly  showcases our local history and western lifestyle. If you’re local and haven’t been through please feel free to check out our amazing space, you will leave feeling exactly the way our guest feel because you’re more than welcome.
Our luxury spa, Stillwater is currently under renovations until the first week in September. I look forward to telling you all about the opening!
This weekend I’m looking forward to checking out the Taste of Calgary and then heading out to Sylvan Lake to  soak up some sun on the lake. 
Have a FAB weekend everyone.

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