FAB Food & Wine: Summer Seafood

Weather, weather….what a gorgeous long weekend we just had. I spent the past weekend with my family at the beautiful Lake Newell Provincial Park in southern Alberta. Located only 180 km south east of the city this man-made lake supplies the area with irrigation water for farmland.


On average the temperature is much warmer in southern Alberta, so having access to the water is a lifesaver. I had a wonderful time boating and soaking up rays of much needed sun. If you’re looking for a FAB beach in landlocked Alberta or somewhere for a weekend getaway I highly recommend this refreshing spot. The park includes a quaint camping ground complete with electricity and a group camping area. The east side of the park is lush with large green trees and cabins nestled on the shoreline. These FAB homes all have a view in the straight eye of the sun.


The nephews help prepare the boats and tubes at Newell Lake.

I grew up in southern Alberta, yet I was still shocked by the heat! Temperatures soared from the mid 30’s every day, which made the crystal clear water that much more tempting. Lake Newell is a must see and if you head out that way you can wave to my childhood home where my parents still reside and farm.


Summer in the city and the dining scene is heating up. I don’t know about you but my appetite changes with the rise in temperature. I tend to crave light, fresh meals – like seafood. We live in “landlocked Alberta” so seafood choices are much more limited compared to when I lived in Vancouver. However finding top quality, fresh seafood is not impossible you just need to know where to go. Catch & the Oyster Bar is our neighboring restaurant, located on the corner of Stephen Ave and Centre Street. This award-winning restaurant is the shining light on Calgary’s seafood scene, flying in fresh fish and crustaceans from both coasts. It’s so fresh it even smells like the ocean!


Catch & the Oyster Bar, located on the corner of Stephen Ave and Centre Street.

I recently had a FAB dinner at Catch and need to rave about the experience. If you haven’t heard, Catch went under a massive renovation last year adding more of an urban edge, touched with sophistication. The restaurant is broken up into two levels with very distinctive vibes. The Oyster Bar offers a fun, laid-back coastal feel while Catch (the upper level) is filled with warmth and coziness. The aspect that I really enjoy about Catch is the open bar concept which allows you to watch the chefs dance around the kitchen, all while sipping on a glass of bubbly. The energy in through both levels is comfortable and suites an assortment of dining needs.

Enjoying a fun summer cocktail on Catch’s patio. BTW this is one of the best patios to soak up sun and people watch!

Besides the amazing food and beautiful atmosphere Catch’s staff are some of the most accommodating and welcoming people I have ever met. From the time you walk through the door the highly trained servers treat you with world-class service. It’s not often that you find a service team with such dedication, passion and knowledge.


Now lets get to the goods – cuisine.  I ordered the Beef Tenderloin & Half Lobster. WOW, my mouth is watering just typing the name of the dish. A seafood restaurant that also specializes in perfectly cooked steak! Of course being a local Albertan and growing up on a farm I have a sweet spot for beef. The only way to top a great cut of beef is to add seafood.  The combination was divine, cooked to perfection and seasoned in a way that made all of my taste-buds sing. I warn you, they have so many wonderful sounding menu items that it’s difficult to pick just one. Catch is also known for it’s FAB boutique wine menu (presented on iPads) and the servers are truly experts at pairing wines. I highly recommend that you leave the beverage decision in their very capable hands; you won’t regret it.

Alberta Beef AAA Tenderloin and Nova Scotia Lobster

If you are looking to propose, celebrate a job promotion, host a private dinner party or just want to great meal please check out Catch & the Oyster Bar.


Stay tuned until next week for more FAB stories!


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