FAB People: I Met In Vegas

Well what can I say besides “WOW” Vegas. From the moment I arrived the service, the venues, the people and the hotel room were completely amazing.

Wet Republic hosted our opening reception where various high end restaurants showcased there menus. The Golden Keys were splashed so brightly that at times you were literally blinded by the light! This event was our first opportunity to meet, greet and share with our international concierge brothers and sisters. There were over 50 representatives from Canada and over 500 attendees from around the globe. To end the night, Cirque du Soleil took us away with an incredible, private performance.

The following day started with a trip to the fabulous Aria Hotel to kick off our educational day. We were greeted and introduced to the Pan American Congress Las Vegas. The President of Les Clefs d’Or USA gave a FAB speech which was followed by a saluted from the Mayor of Las Vegas. The energy of the room was explosive! I was so tickled to be there and to be part of this group. After a few more speeches we were introduced to the chairman of Forbes Magazine, Mr. Jeff Arnold. The amount of stats and information he delivered in regards to the tourism industry was incredible. Following Mr. Arnold’s Speech was Jeff Wielgopolan, Director of Executive Training for Forbes Travel. This was another inspiring person with an abundance of knowledge to share with us.

Education day was filled with a ton of great exercises and many examples of how the tourism industry and customer service is a true asset. I found this day to be extremely informative while giving me some great ideas of how to further enhance my skills.

The convention continued with many elaborate cocktail receptions, theatre show, black tie galas and many networking opportunities with my colleagues in service through friendship. Las Vegas did such an fabulous job on showcasing there city, and these examples of highlights are just a few that I experienced.

The incredible things we experienced during our time will always remain as lifetime memories. I look forward to meeting my friends again in New Zealand next year and Los Cabos the following year. I am truly honored and proud to be one of the Canadians representing our great country and city.

The Canadian Gold Key Concierge Members


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