FAB People – Are Awaiting Me in Vegas

Spring has sprung and do I ever have some exciting things to share with everyone.


I will be attending the 17th Annual Les Clefs d’Or Pan American Convention taking place in beautiful Las Vegas. The membership ranks of Les Clefs d’Or members represents more than 40 states of union and this particular event is anticipating the attendance of 500 concierges from USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Canada.


For those of you who are wondering “what is this organization you speak of and what is a golden key?” allow me to explain. Les Clefs d’Or is an organization committed to improving and maintaining the quality of service provided by concierge staff around the world. Les Clefs d’Or encourages members to continuously advance their professional abilities, ensuring they can advise their clientele and provide excellent travel experiences. The designation of Les Clefs d’Or to me is a symbol of guaranteed exceptional service to our guests.


Being a member of Les Clefs d’Or and representing the Alberta region is a complete honor and has taken a few years of hard work and dedication to have achieved representation of the elite concierges of Canada and the world. In order to have reached this key status I had to be a concierge in a hotel for over 3 years, attend monthly meetings, and was evaluated on my knowledge of the local and surrounding area. Throughout the year I work on various projects to demonstrate my dedication and passion for service through friendship.


How to spot a Les Clefs d'Or - this golden key is worn proudly on the jacket of members

I have met many new friends and established lifelong relationships throughout the process. When I need information for guest interested in the mountain region I’m confident that my fellow Les Clefs d’Or member will assist with quality world-class service.


If you’ve watched the film Field of Dreams I’m sure you can relate to the very important quote, “If you build it he will come”. This phrase gives me goose-bumps as the words are so very true. Countless times I have rehearsed this verse in tough situations from work to personal matters. Answers/solutions can take a little time on the phone or writing an email but soon enough you have your answer.


I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos to share with you when I return from the Convention but in the meantime stay FAB YYC!

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