FAB Things to Do: Reflections West Art Show & Sales

A couple Friday’s ago I had the pleasure of attending Reflections West Art Paint by Numbers event. This second annual event features Calgary and area’s local artists. Many of which are the creators of the stunning original pieces throughout our hotel.  These inspiring artists had booths set up in our, three tiered atrium, lobby showcasing a variety of breathtaking paintings of western Canadian themes and landscapes. What a FAB opportunity for the community to come visit, interact and enjoy local world-class art. There were paintings of subjects ranging from the the gorgeous Canadian Rockies, to stunningly beautiful horses roaming the prairies and the one that spoke to my heart, a childhood best friend – the Labrador Retriever.
I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the dinner and was delighted to be seated next to two artists. I was entranced listening to them talk about their profession and the passion that flows into every amazing brush stroke. Each of these bountiful strokes then binds together to create a powerful image.  An artist described how she experiments with a variety of tools, even kitchen knives. Art can be created out of anything! I was instantly fascinated and hooked on her every word. She continued to explain that creating art is as simple of having a thought in your head, a selection of paints and the motive to go to town with an instrument of art making. How very FAB! Perhaps even I can be inspired to whip out a random household tool and give it a try.
I am not only very proud to be an ambassador for the Hyatt Regency and the City of Calgary but to literally work in an art gallery. The collection, proudly displayed at the Hyatt Regency Calgary provides a window into the beauty and importance of western Canadian art and heritage. Reflections West Art has recently launched a giclée program reproducing 12 high-quality paintings in hopes to share these pieces, inspire and connect through art.
I’m so proud of Calgary’s emerging art scene and look forward to Reflections West’s show next year!

Giclee by Murray Phillips


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