Fab Things to Do: A Battle… of Bartenders

Last night I was asked to be an official judge… of cocktails! How could I possibly turn an opportunity like that down on a Thursday afternoon. For the past 3 weeks Sandstone’s professional Bartenders have been busy creating new (and tasty) concoctions focusing on the spirit of their choice – Belvedere Citrus or Belvedere Orange Vodka.

As I’ve never judged a cocktail contest before I had no idea what to expect, however I did help myself to a small portion of carbs in preparation of the alcohol I was about to consume. Lets just say that I was awe-struck by the colours, scents and pure abundance of the beautifully presented cocktails before me. For a moment my eyes closed and my senses took me to a more tropical environment. I was quickly snapped out of that day-dream and brought back to the task at hand,  I had a very important job to do.

First up: The Belvedere Basil Berry
We all know how important first impressions are, especially on a blind date, and let me just say “how you doin”! This drink screams sexy. Fresh ruby strawberries and basil leaves glimmer in a sea of Belvedere Citrus Vodka and soda.  This tasty citrus cocktail is filled with the perfect mix of refreshing flavors. I could easily drink more than one of these.

Second: Mango Citrus Martini
This simple but inviting martini lured me in right away. The fresh mango’s remind me of Jamaica, which makes perfect sense as the creator of this drink is from there.

Third: Pillow Talk
Not only does the name match the taste of this beverage perfectly but it also describes the inviting look. This creamy raspberry drink was heavenly! Made with Belvedere Orange Vodka and a touch of whip cream for a plush pillow-like smoothness. I wouldn’t mind getting cozy with this drink again!

Forth: Belvedere Orange Ice Pop
Simply, this tastes exactly like an orange popsicle! Actually it might taste more like an orange popsicle than an actual ORANGE POPSICLE.

Fifth: Orange Chocolate Martini
Another gorgeous presentation that speaks to a more masculine side. A rich autumn orange in colour with a swirl of orange peel and finished with a stick of dark chocolate. This sweet martini blends in perfectly with Sandstone’s dark chocolate leather couches and beaming fireplace.

Seeing as this was a battle of the bartenders I had to choose the top two (one citrus and one orange). The verdict… drum roll please… Belvedere Basil Berry VS. Belvedere Orange Ice Pop! Over the next two months these beverages will go head-to-head and it’s now up to YOU to choose the winner. I highly recommend visiting Sandstone Lounge to participate in this mouth clenching contest! Personally I’m glad that I don’t have to pick between the two becuase they are both so delicious!

I almost forgot the best part. Both premium cocktails are only $6! Once you’ve made your choice visit Sandstone’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SandstoneLounge)to lock in your vote. A very clever QR code is even being utilized to take you directly to the voting page from your smart-phone.

If your taste-buds so desire a refreshing cocktail please check out these fab creations. My favorite… the Basil Berry! This hot pick is a for sure thing alone, with a great group of friends, and a great ending to the week or a fun idea for your weekend stay.

Following the 2 months Standstone’s bartenders will once again compete with a new spirit.


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