FAB Food & Wine: Brava Bistro

I would like to share a positive recent dining experience while celebrating a friend’s promotion. We chose to spend our evening at Brava Bistro; a quaint little venue located along vibrant 17th Avenue.

When we called to make a booking we were told the earliest we could get in was 8:30pm, however if we could arrive around 8:15pm they could accommodate us. True to their word they were able to quickly clear a space at the end of a long bistro table where we joined a couple (ourselves nestled on one end and them on the other). At first we were a little shocked to be sharing a table, however within minutes the patrons in the corner booth by the window started gathering their belongings, as their dining experience was complete. We had just ordered a bottle of wine and we were soon whisked away to our awaiting booth where our server made us feel right at home.

We went through the appetizer menu and decided on the mussels. WOW! We found ourselves sitting in complete silence as the flavours swallowed us up. They were amazing and so fresh, topped with a surprising cluster of pomme frites and aioli. The server brought over some yummy multi-grain bread, and we dipped every last piece in the mussel broth to savour every last bite.

Time to order the entrées …what shall we have? What a selection – From pasta to crispy crackling chicken, the menu was inviting. My friends decided on the short ribs and papardelle pasta. Well, what shall I have? Yes, the chicken.

If you think fried chicken from down south is good – look out Calgary! A country twist on a classic, this chicken dish was accompanied with horseradish, mashed potatoes and a touch of au jus. Yummmmm…Each dish was cooked to perfection and satisfied everyone’s taste buds. The server brought another Steam Whistle for myself, and checked the ladies’ wine. Each of us sat in full contentment with smiles stretched ear to ear, what an amazing dinner we’d just experienced!

Our lovely host came to our dessert rescue and asked if that was the “next bridge we were going to cross”. That was a big question, should we or shouldn’t we? We were too full to try the dessert, however we will be sure to try it next time.

Please check out Brava for your next restaurant outing, as I can’t emphasize enough the level of service we experienced. I guarantee not one thing will be missed during your dining experience.


3 thoughts on “FAB Food & Wine: Brava Bistro

  1. dewey noordhof says:

    Hey Brian
    Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to write about Brava Bistro. I habitually focus on the parts of our business that require improving and sometimes forget that we do often get it right. Your blog reminded me of this, thank you!

  2. KabayAn says:

    Totally your loss, Nicki. That egg, with the crumbled bacon and the dijon/bacon vtiengraite (oh, and the pears!) made this taste like a fancy breakfast salad.

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