Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood, Inglewood came into existence in 1875. Flash forward to 2018 and Inglewood continues to be a vibrant, historic, pedestrian-oriented neighbourhood and home of many of Calgary’s iconic institutions. If you're planning a trip to Calgary, you'll definitely want to check out Inglewood! Getting There From Hyatt Regency Calgary 🚶🏻 20 minute walk 🚕 … Continue reading VISIT INGLEWOOD | DISCOVER CALGARY

Visit Kensington | Discover Calgary

There are many trendy areas around Calgary’s downtown core, each with a unique vibe and special character. One such neighbourhood is Kensington. Here, residential community meets shopping district and restaurant destination. It’s a community unto its own, vibrant and full of life. Getting There 🚶🏻Walk across the Louise Bridge from downtown 🚴🏻 Ride along the … Continue reading Visit Kensington | Discover Calgary

5 Favorite Once Upon a Christmas Experiences

Don’t you wish every day was Christmas? If you’re anything like me, you’re answer is YES! There’s just something about the holidays that makes everything feel a bit more special. From beautifully decorated trees to eggnog lattes and favorite holiday movies, the holidays are a magical and wonderful time. There are many great ways to … Continue reading 5 Favorite Once Upon a Christmas Experiences